3 Weekends 3 PBs

3 Weekends 3 PBs

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I'm currently in a phase where I absolutely LOVE running. I look forward to a run, I love the actual running part and I love the feeling you get when you finish, even more. But at the moment, after pushing myself too far over the last few weeks, I can't run 😞.

In January I took on the RED (Run Every Day) challenge. I managed to rack up 110 miles, the furthest monthly mileage I'd ever achieved. But now my body is knackered. Throughout the month I was getting a lot fitter. I was getting faster and faster and on the 4th of February I ran 20 miles, the furthest I ever had. But it was too much and I ended up injured.

By the end of January, I had niggles everywhere. My feet, my knees, my hips, my back. I hurt. But I'm not one for taking a long rest. I continued to run, every other day as opposed to every day but the niggles only got worse. 

As if running every day in January and being shattered wasn't enough, I also challenged myself to set some new PBs during February.

I had the Wrexham Village Bakery Half Marathon lined up for the 25th of February, and the Chester 10K for today (the 4th of March)… so why not chuck in a 5K parkrun in there too, at Rother Valley on the 17th of February.

3 weekends, 3 PB efforts.


My Dad Alan and my Boyfriend Callum joined me for the parkrun. They both run much quicker than I do, so I hoped to just latch onto them for as far as I could. My Dad was to pace and my boyfriend was to push me along, literally for the last 100meters. My 5K PB before this day was achieved last May at the Ellesmere Port parkrun where I managed 26:02. I'd not ran anywhere near this time since, but on that pancake-fuelled morning I smashed it and finished in 24:42. My Dad got a PB too!

wrexham half

My Dad ran alongside me again the following Sunday in the Wrexham Half Marathon. That day we were hoping to finish in anything under 2:05:51 (my PB from my first ever Half Marathon, in Chester in May 2017). And we sure did. I somehow managed to finish in 1:57:40… HOW?! I honestly couldn't tell you.

Now onto Sunday… the first race where I woke up nervous and doubting whether I should even be running. For the last 2 weeks I've been in agonising pain with my right foot. I can barely walk never mind run. But I'd paid my £22 entry fee and I was determined to at least give a third PB a go. I ran alone today, and it was tough. Kilometer markers passed all too slowly, and even though I'd done it before, the final mile uphill was torture. Somehow I managed it, and I finished in 51:36, a new PB by over 4 minutes!

So what to make of the last few weeks? It's been a mixed experience for sure! I have made some real progress and 3 new PBs in a month is amazing, but it's left me injured. In the end, I guess it's all part of the running journey and I've definitely learned more about my limits.

On to the next challenge... when I've recovered!

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