Take your event to the Next Level

Your Brand, Kick.run Quality

We use our expertise and existing supply relationships to provide quality customised gear at great value.

Multi-sport Merchandise

Alongside high quality casual wear, we provide branded technical wear across multiple sports.

A Unique Partnership

The exclusive partnership between EtchRock and Kick.run means a seamless service for your customers, and a no-hassle opportunity for you.


Want merchandise that stands out? Our experienced design team is on hand to develop a unqiue design for your event.

Flexible Volume

Our flexible pricing is highly competetive for large volume orders whilst still providing a great margin for one-off a low volume orders. Letting participants order through EtchRock gives you ultimate flexibility on how you price merchandise


Whether you require bulk delivery for a large event or one-off personal deliveries for a virtual race, our logistics team provides a prompt professional service.

Next Steps

It's time to take your EtchRock challenge to the next level. Click to get in touch and discuss your event and how we can help.