Pacemakers is the referral programme. See below for more &  Create an Account  or  login   to to take part.

Rewards: Share your unique link and as people sign up, you'll start to earn rewards. Our first reward is for just one sign-up!

Free Technical Top: The rewards continue as more people sign up, including a free Technical Top for just 5 referrals!

Join the club: Reach 10 referrals and you'll become a Pacemaker. The rewards will continue and you'll start to earn store credit.

  Pro Tip: You can share any page with your unique code, just add   ?refid=   to the end of the web address and share

Terms and Conditions (Important)

🧟‍♀️ 🧟‍♂️ We know it's tempting, but NO ZOMBIE ACCOUNTS. We validate email addresses & activity profiles and if we suspect any foul play, we will withhold rewards and may close your account, as per our Terms and Conditions (see below)

This referral scheme is a great way to earn rewards for sreading the word, but it's important to understand how it works to avoid disappointment

  • To be eligible, referees must create a account AND connect their Strava account with
  • We track your referrals using your unique link (the link above with a bunch of numbers on the end). If you don't use this link, we cannot track referrals
  • Technically, there are two ways that this link is used to track referrals:
    1. Direct sign up: If someone clicks the link and signs up straight away on the page they landed on then 99% of the time that referral is tracked (the 1% accounts for some browser behaviour).
    2. Indirect sign up: If someone clicks the link but doesn't sign up right away, we use something called a cookie to place the referral code on their browser. As long as their browser accepts cookies and they sign-up using the same browser we will be able to track the referral.
  • If someone who has clicked on your referral link subsequently clicks on another referral link, the 2nd link over-rides your referral
  • Our referral cookie expires after 30 days.
  • If the tracking has not registered your referral, we are open to an appeal (email, but our decision is final and we won't enter into further discusison on the matter.
  • Before we send out any rewards, we check all of your referrals email addresses AND Strava activity profiles. If, looking at these, we even suspect that you are cheating (by using fake email adresses and fake Strava accounts to mimic referees), we will not honour any rewards and we may close your account.